Pave Designer - Versions History

Version 1.0

20th of November 2013

Version 1.1

25th of April 2014
  • It has been introduced the notion of "sprite" - predefined models with a certain component of colors and sizes
  • It is possible to create a variable number of work layers
  • They became available items of landscape design

Version 2.0

2nd of February 2015
  • It was improved the sketches printing support containing custom background - scales no longer the default values for printing.
  • Revert to original size custom background.
    The background load in this application was scaled so that it is framed in the current screen used by the user.

Version 1.2

15th of October 2014
  • The authentication is possible based on a username and password. The user is assigned a producer whose products can be used in projects for areas covered with pavement.
  • It has been introduced the support for saving drawings for a registered user. An authenticated user can save drawings in any stage of development so he can resume their development by subsequent reloading.

Version 2.5

20 Octombrie 2016
  • It was improved application performance
  • Paved surface will be drawn after the closing of the polygon
  • Saved files now preserves background image
  • Autosave function was implemented - it saves your work automatically, helping to reduce the risk or impact of data loss. Autosaving is done in predetermined intervals of 5 minutes
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