Pave Designer Basic

It is the simplest necessary tool for the sketching of the paved areas projects, using the manufacturer’s paving elements. With minimal training any user can evaluate in minutes the necessary amount of materials needed for a pavement project.

Projects can be made for any surface, both pavement images, as well as those of curbs are provided by the specified manufacturer. In a sketch you can use only one manufacturer, which is specified when you decide on the product.

The upgrade to a superior product is possible at any time without additional costs relating to the withdrawal of the license for the current product. Details of the operation and the tools made available for each offered product can be found in the full feature matrix  here . You can get more details about Pave Designer visiting our media page.

Pave Designer Basic demo

In order to decide you can try our application in free version. To explore all options of this product you can create a demo account valid for a limited period of 5 days.

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Product Details


An online interactive instructor is available in the application who guides you to familiarize yourself with the application tools .

Pavement Planning

After you have made the sketch following the client specifications you can view the estimation of the necessary materials just clicking on the button "Estimate"


If you have questions about any interface aspects, you can click on the help icon, and all the available actions at any time will be explained only by hovering the action.

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Sold Pavement

Pave Designer helps you respond more quickly to customer's demand by easing the calculation of paved surfaces.

Save time

The amount of time saved by using Pave Designer application can be invested it in other activities, thus increasing efficiency.

Web Application

Being a web application, Pave Designer offers the possibility of accessing computing tools from any location using the Internet.


In addition to the tools provided, the application offers a series of images representing the outcome of various projects.


Being a web application, Pave Designer can be used on any device connected to the internet, from tablets to mobile phones.

Online Help

We offer an interactive instructor, complete and intuitive accompanied by descriptive help of the interface accessible at any time.

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