Pave Designer Expert

Pave Designer Expert is the equivalent product of Pave Designer Enterprise addressed to the individuals who operate in the field of assistance and pavement design needing mobility, flexibility and efficiency.

This product brings as a new element to Pave Designer Enterprise the possibility to perform various sketches, for each of them being able to specify the paving and curbs manufacturer. In this way comparisons can be made between several manufacturers of pavement, the final customer being able to choose in favor of the one who best satisfies his requirements.

The user can build his own pavement model in any image processing application, and use it in our application to cover the desired zones. In that way a real image of the project implementation can be obtained.

Saving sketches in database is not limited in any way. This feature allows users to share and store the sketches, together with the advantage of continuing a sketch from another location, or continuing working on it from another connected device.

As an architect, you will be delighted to use the landscape design elements offered by Pave Designer Expert through its specific menu "Design", where it is also present the tilt paved space option used in spatial image project in order to create a project overview as real as possible .

Pave Designer Expert Demo

In order to decide you can try our application in free version. To explore all options of this product you can create an demo account valid for a limited period of 5 days.

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Collaborative pavement

The possibility of working directly on architectural sketch with the correct scale and particular models make the final image to be closer to the real one.

Share Pavement Sketch

Drawings can be saved on multiple medias like browser, database or file, so that they can be transferred to the final customer or between the company's departments.

Landscape Architects

Using the elements of landscape architecture, Pave Designer Enterprise provides essential tool for your landscape architects collaborators.

Printing the pavement sketch

The printing of the pavement sketch together with the quote for the implementation of the project is possible directly from the browser after finalizing the sketch and choosing the preferred type of pavement and curbs.

Pavement layers

The number of layers for a pavement design is not limited, so you can add as many as you need for your project. During the project you can make them visible or not, in order to simulate various combinations.


An online interactive instructor is available in the application who guides you to familiarize yourself with the application tools.

Our offer?

Pavement Sketch

Pave Designer Expert provide you the ability to continue working to the same sketch in many sessions by saving it in the browser between the sessions

Save time

The amount of time saved by using Pave Designer application can be invested it in other activities, thus increasing efficiency.

Web Application

Being a web application, Pave Designer offers the possibility of accessing computing tools from any location using the Internet.

New features

We are open to any ideas to improve our products. Please do not hesitate to contact.


Being a web application, Pave Designer can be used on any device connected to the internet, from tablets to mobile phones.

Online Help

We offer an interactive instructor, complete and intuitive accompanied by descriptive help of the interface accessible at any time.

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