Our web application meant for designing paved surfaces is the perfect solution for those with minimal technical knowledge as well as for the manufacturers of building materials and their distributors, landscape architects and designers.

Using our application the necessary amount of pavement and curbs for each type can be easily calculated, starting from particular surfaces regardless of their shape, or from the architectural sketches of the site even for an orthogonally oriented image as in satellite or plane images.

Who delivers on time, delivers twice as much! Why waste your time calculating surfaces for the projects that need to be done, making sketches on papers, gathering the papers, putting them in order and then sorting them according to the producer, client and delivery deadline, depositing piles of sketches? Pave Designer does this for you electronically and easily accessible form anywhere and on any device.

The final product is important for everybody, but the most interested is the final client for whom the outcome will be in his sight for a long time. Using our application’s facilities you can present the quantitative value offer, together with the final image of the project put in place according to the customers’ specifications.

Each customer wants something special. Now you can address his needs presenting the quantitative estimate regardless of the pavement pattern combination offered by the producer by combining them directly on the particular sketch. Thus the customer will be able to choose form the favorite predefined patterns (pre-arranged pavement patterns). The application offers the possibility to use any image of the used pavement even if it is not found in the application.


Using our application and the tools it offers, media events, completed projects, new products or means of project implementations will be transmitted in the shortest time to their customers – architects, designers and their clients.


Starting form the sketch of the location of the constructions and the areas which are intended to be paved, a most accurate image of the final result can be created, thus facilitating communication and message transmission between the customer and the designer. Landscape architects can use outdoor décor elements in order to complete the project before the evaluation.


For a project to be completed, the architect or the designer needs time, inspiration, accurate specifications, etc all these aspects cannot be perfectly synchronized and this is why the project must be performed in more stages. Every work session can now be saved and then it can be continued form exactly the point it was saved.

The final offer

The final offer meant for the client will include the amount of pavements necessary for the implementation of the project according to the customers’ specification so as the material loss should be reduced to minimum.


Our application for the calculation of the paved surfaces can be easily integrated in any producer’s website who wishes that, thus obtaining both an integrated computing application and the possibility to perform various usage statistics that can be used in various managerial decisions or marketing and sales projects.

Pavement manufacturers

Registered users on the website can select the producer for the paving surfaces and curbs used in the project. This can result in the achievement of comparative projects in terms of material and aesthetic needs, making possible the selection of the desired option in accordance with the purpose of the project.

Pavaj designer - Versions History

Versiunea 2.5

  • It was improved application performance
  • Paved surface will be drawn after the closing of the polygon
  • Saved files now preserves background image
  • Autosave function was implemented - it saves your work automatically, helping to reduce the risk or impact of data loss. Autosaving is done in predetermined intervals of 5 minutes

Version 2.0

  • It was improved the sketch printing support containing custom background - scales no longer the default values for printing.
  • Revert to original size custom background.
    The background load in this application was scaled so that it is framed in the current screen used by the user.

Version 1.2

  • It was made possible authentication based on a username and password. The user is assigned a producer for whom he can develop projects for areas covered with pavement.
  • It has been introduced the support for saving drawings made by a registered user.
    An authenticated user can save drawings in any stage of development so he can resume their development by subsequent reloading.

Version 1.1

  • It was introduced the notion of "sprite" - predefined models with a certain component of colors and sizes
  • It is possible to create a variable number of work plan
  • They became available items of landscape design
    Similar sprites related to the pavement, with this version, can also be added exterior design elements (plants, cars, etc.) in the current beta version

Version 1.0

  • First version Pave Designer - covering Basic facilities offered and allowing the selection of the curb and pavement type
  • It provides only one work layer
  • It is possible to query paving quantities required after completion sketch
  • It is possible that a single producer to be registered in the application
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